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To Conserve and Protect
Daviess County Conservation District
State Cost Share Program Signups

Continuous signups throughout the year! 

Practices available for 2016

•Riparian Area Protection
•Vegetative Filter Strips
•Integrated Crop Management
•Pesticide Containment Facilities
•Sinkhole Protection
•Cropland Erosion Control Systems
•Heavy Use Area Protection
•Rotational Grazing System Establishment
•Water Well Protection
•Animal Waste Utilization
•Forest Land Erosion Control System
•Stream Crossing
•Pasture and Hayland Forage Quality/Quantity & Erosion Control
•Streambank Stabilization
•Ag Waste Control Facilities
•Closure of Ag Waste Impoundment
•Soil Quality/Health Improvement
•On-Farm Fallen Animal Composting

To be considered eligible for state cost share, you must have a current copy of your Ag Water Quality Plan on file at our office. If you need to plan or update your AWQP, visit the website 


Application for loans are submitted by the conservation district to the Kentucky Soil and Water Conservation Commission. Loans can be requested for up to two-thirds of the purchase price including sales tax. The one-third down payment can be satisfied by either trade-in or cash. The equipment then can be leased to a contractor in the area who agrees to conservation work. 

Once loans are approved by the Kentucky Soil and Water Conservation Commission, the Division of Conservation sets up the terms of the loan, repayment schedule and reporting requirements in a contract with the conservation district. 

Please contact the Daviess County Conservation District for more information and to obtain an application.