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To Conserve and Protect
Daviess County Conservation District
The Daviess County Conservation District Junior Board consists of 4 area High Schools in the area which are Daviess County High, Apollo High, Owensboro Catholic, and Trinity High. They take pride in participating in community activities. They believe it is very important to inform the public of their roles. One of the most valuable things they do is to educate the younger generation.
Ag Day at Estes Elementary
​They eagerly participate in Agriculture Day at local elementary schools. They are responsible for setting up the booths and take an active role in teaching the kids about the different aspects of agricultural and how it affects their daily life. It is vital to teach the children where the food they buy at the grocery really comes from and the importance of protecting our natural resources.
The Junior Board also enjoys taking part in a pumpkin painting day at the Boys & Girls Club. They are able to get pumpkins donated from a local producer and the district supplies the paint and other art supplies. It is a great opportunity to talk to the kids about how pumpkins grow and the process involved in raising them.
Another community activity they are actively involved in is working with the children at the Neblett Center, a community center for under-privileged children. They teach the kids how to make Christmas ornaments out of all natural materials that make great food for birds. They learned how to be resourceful and use items that could be found  in nature to decorate their tree. They enjoy showing the kids to make even the holidays a conservation friendly time.

Explore Agriculture coming to West Louisville  Elementary October 7th  and Deer park Elementary October 20th!